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Showcasing thrilling shapes in the highest quality stainless steel, NJoy's dedication to pleasure for all shines bright through each each carefully crafted piece. Thoughtfully ergonomic in design and simply superior in terms of hygiene and body compatibility, NJoy's curvy plugs, probes, wands and beyond allow for the deepest devotion to sweet spots inside and out.

For elegant sex toys designed for pure fun, look no further than the gorgeous pleasure products from njoy! All made from magnificently sculpted stainless steel, and polished to an ultimate mirror shine, njoy sex toys are just as breathtaking to behold as they are to play with. And believe us when we say that you’ll want to be playing with them a lot!

Stainless steel is hard to beat as a material for making top-quality sex toys. It will last forever, it’s non-porous and super easy to clean, and has the magnificent talent of providing a unique sensation experience. Stainless steel sex toys initially feel slightly cool to the touch, however they will warm up quickly when you start using them. Also, njoy says that placing the toy in the fridge (not the freezer) for just a few minutes, or dipping it in a bowl of warm water, will provide two completely different sexual experiences from the same toy! Bonus!

Njoy specializes in wand sex toys, like their world-famous Pure Wand, as well as the unique Fun Wand and Eleven Double Dildo. All njoy wand toys are designed for endless sexual exploration, and can be used for either firm yet gentle massaging of the g-spot or prostate, or for thrusting penetration action. Since they’re made from stainless steel, they’re also compatible with all lube types, so feel free to use your favourite sex lube to keep things sliding along perfectly.

For even more anal fun, njoy has an amazing collection of stainless steel butt plugs in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit the preferences of any tush. Choose from small butt plugs to get things started, move on up to medium butt plugs, and then to large butt plugs for some even stretchier sensations!

Explore the shapes of the classic Pure Plug, the new Pure Plug 2.0, and the Pfun Plug for all different kinds of anal sex toy experiences. Once you try a stainless steel sex toy from njoy, you’ll be hooked on the totally unique feelings they provide.