Lia Silicone Love Balls in Purple

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Product Description
Incredibly silky, virtually seamless and perfectly weighted, Lia Love Balls are a pleasurable, effective way to build up strong pelvic floor muscles. When your sex muscles are in shape, you might find that you experience increased sensation and stronger orgasms- who doesn't want that? 
Made from high quality pure silicone, the two round, weighted spheres will need to be held in place, causing you to squeeze and flex the pelvic floor muscles, hence, the workout. If you practice kegel exercises, they're are perfect for helping you isolate the muscles to work out. Once you've mastered control, you can take things a step further into pure pleasure, since any movement will make the Balls vibrate gently. You can keep them in place as long as you like, even during everyday activities. 

The hygienic silicone material is easy to clean and sterilize, and is incomparably body friendly. Always use a good water based lube if needed with the Balls.

SKU: ZZCE-4560-08-3 | UPC: 716770062741 | MPN: SE-4560-08-3 (143)


SKU: ZZCE-4560-08-3 | UPC: 716770062741 | MPN: SE-4560-08-3 (143)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Lia Silicone Love Balls

Double Balling Fun!

This is a great ice breaker and warm up with the wife. She loves the fact the balls are connected and silicone for easy cleaning.

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