Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator in Pink

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As featured in as seen in Cosmopolitan

If we seem a little distracted over here, feel free to blame Satisfyer. It's all their fault really, because we just can't stop staring at these silky pink curves! Tossing a handful of holiday magic over a year many of us would probably like to forget, the brand new Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator + Vibration will be a perfect gift for a special someone, yourself definitely included! Featuring a namesake curvaceous shape loaded up with Satisfyer's signature Air Pulse stimulation plus vibration, and compatible with the very new, very exciting Satisfyer Connect App, the fully silicone Curvy 3+ will rock your holidays and far beyond. 

If zillions of giddy reviews are anything to go on (we'd say they are, and we know you'll agree!), the Satisfyer sensation is completely unique and practically guarantees an orgasm or three. Ranging from gentle to greedy, a unique internal mechanism creates waves and pulses of positive and negative Air Pulse pressure that have been described as 'oral sex but more intense' and 'life-changing', among other ecstatic accolades.

Whether you're playing at home or away, the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator + Vibration's eleven intensities of signature Air Pulse ecstasy wait to suck and throb while another eleven modes of vibration send you or your partner soaring over the orgasm edge in no time flat. If you're keeping track of the math, that adds up to a total of 110 possible vibration/suction combinations. Though they can most certainly be used together, the vibration and Air Pulse functions operate separately, so you can perfectly curate your/their climax. Two simple buttons control each function. You'll also notice a third button, which brings us to the incredible, the groundbreaking, the completely share-able Satisfyer Connect App.

Completely free and 100% secure, Bluetooth enabled Satisfyer Connect literally (well, digitally!) connects partners, even while apart, plus, it grants access to millions of unique modes, vibration patterns and even music pairings. With the consent of another user, you'll be able to control their compatible Satisfyer device and vice versa, even while you're live video chatting - which is also a feature of Satisfyer Connect. Download it free from the App Store or Google Play, sign in, and discover all the Curvy 2+ can do.

Fully rechargeable, the Curvy 3+ powers up at any available USB port. 

In high quality body safe silicone, the Curvy 3+ is easy to clean using warm soapy water, but you can also use a good toy care fluid/foam, if you like. This Satisfyer pleasure offering is compatible with any favourite water based lubricant, but please keep it away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys. Charge cord included. 

The Curvy 3+ is IPX7 waterproof, and is safe for submersion up to about 3.2' (1 meter) for no longer than 30 minutes.

SKU: ZSAT-007526 | UPC: 4061504007526 | MPN: J2018-U107-2 (40)


SKU: ZSAT-007526 | UPC: 4061504007526 | MPN: J2018-U107-2 (40)

  • Length: 5.75"
  • Girth: 5.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.9" at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof
  • Colour: Pink
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Based On 8 Reviews
Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator

I love them all so much!!

I have a Pro 3, a Curvy 3+ and this Curvy 1+ and I love them all. I ve also used several other Satisfyer toys and am really thrilled at the quality and value. All the toys I have that aren t made by this brand are $150-300 - so that says a lot! All the Satisfyer air pulse toys are a little different. This one has a smaller opening and the end is a more stiff silicone. If you prefer more direct stimulation, or you have a smaller clit, this will be the best option for you. Honestly, I love them all so much! I thought I needed a lot of power and very direct stimulation to orgasm, but all these Satisfyer air pulse toys do it every time, and very quickly, with way less vibration and only using indirect stimulation.

Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator

Awesome. If you're thinking about it... Just get it

I've never been disappointed with a Satisfyer product in my life. This one isn't exception. You get a really nice bang for your bucks. Totally worth it. The satisfyer connect app is really simple to use. Just get it if you like a air pulse toy with a great vibratory twist. The suction tips is pretty narrow and give intenses sensations

Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Air Pulse Stimulator


My girl loves this. Loved to see her enjoying this. Can t wait to try the long distance app

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