The Real World - Our Favourite Lifelike Dildos

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The Real World - Our Favourite Lifelike Dildos


It's probably not too far of a stretch to say that lots of us have had a dildo in our...ahem... lives at some point or another. When it comes to straight-up penetration, g-spot seeking, pegging, strapping it on, or calling up a pinch-hitter when your favourite penis owner isn't around, there's no better sex toy for the job. But exactly what, you may ask, makes a dildo a good dildo?

For some folks, it’s the lifelike look: veiny details, a realistic tip, true-to-life colouration. For others, it’s the lifelike feel: pronounced ridges on the shaft, weighted balls, and a material that feels and moves like a real life penis. Then again, some of us don’t care overly much about any of these things - a dildo is a dildo.  If it gets the job done (ie: feels good and fits into a sexy scenario choice), we're happy.

There's another possibility, of course - maybe you’ve never tried a dildo! Maybe you're here to learn all about the different types of dildos, from texture to girth to materials. If that's the case (and even if it's not), welcome! Read on, friend, and see how many versatile options are out there for dildo lovers, newcomers and sex toy explorers in Canada. 


Textured Dildos

Realistic sex toy loving friends, or those who want to add a bit of lifelike variety to their toy collection, listen up - this section is for you.

Our highest rated realistic dildo is theKyle Silicone Dildo . Countless very satisfied customers have said it feels comparable to the real thing - and some have even said it feels better! The natural upward curve and stiff PVC material allows the Nasstoy Whopper to hit all your sweet spots, and the large balls at the base prevent the dildo from being inserted too far, making it perfect and safe for anal sex. The strong suction cup base also makes it perfect for use in the shower!

Silicone Studs 8 Inch Dildo in Ivory


Some reviewers say they love the raw, lifelike feeling of the Whopper’s ridges during penetration, while others say using the toy with a lubricated condom creates an even more pleasurable, realistic experience.  This dildo is also super versatile: it is harness compatible for an ultra-realistic pegging, and it’s not too big or too small for anal sex beginners. At 6.5 inches long (with an insertable length of 5.5 inches) and 4.5 inches in girth at its widest point, this dildo is a must have for your sex toy collection. 

If you’re looking for a larger dildo, the Realcocks 9" Realistic Sliders Dildo in Vanilla is worth checking out. It has all the same realistic features that the reviewers love, but has an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a girth of 4.75 inches at its widest point. If you’re a fan of much deeper penetration, give it a try! 


Squirting Dildos

Yes, you read that correctly: these dildos squirt just like the real thing! 

One of our best selling models is the The Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock from Pipedream. This girthy bad boy comes equipped with a tube and a squeeze ball to replicate the feeling of someone actually finishing inside or on you. It's perfect for solo playtime and equally perfect for couples - try it out as a (slightly advanced) pegging dildo or in a standard strap-on.

Penetrating up to 7.25" and packing a relatively wide circumference of 5", this dildo packs a lot of power. He’s made out of body safe, ultra real feeling (and looking!) Silicone, features a sturdy suction cup base for hands-free fun, and a simple reservoir threaded through the shaft that you'll be able to shoot out through the tip using an a dedicated release button.



Reviewers mention the many versatile things this dildo can be used for: solo anal or vaginal play, replicating the feeling of raw sex, or practicing deepthroating skills.  For those of you who’d like to work on your oral sex skills and find that the banana just isn’t doing it for ya, give Doc a try. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.


Clone-a-willy Dildo Kits

Clone-A-Willy Penis Molding Kit Couples Sex Toy


If you’ve exhausted all other options and haven’t found a dildo that will satisfy you as well as your man does, maybe it’s time to clone his willy!

As seen on Jersey Shore, Clone-A-Willy kits contain everything you need to make an exact silicone replica of your favourite penis, right down to the veiny details. Clone-A-Willy recommends using a cock ring or other means to keep your man at 100% hardness during the molding process (which only takes approximately 1-2 minutes) for the most accuracy. And, if you want a little added fun, try the Clone-A-Willy to create a truly one of a kind dildo. 

These kits come in a variety of colours and sizes, and have options to add a bullet vibrator. You can also purchase a refill of the modelling powder if you want to make multiple dildos… for double penetration, perhaps? Give them out as Christmas gifts? Endless possibilities!  


Non-Realistic Dildos 

Okay, we've gone over a ton of lifelike options. But what if you're not into realism? Never fear, there's a equal number of non-phallic dildos to choose from, too!  These less (or not at all) lifelike penetrators are an amazing choice for couples and solo dido players looking for a G-spot stimulation tool, something smooth for butt-play targeted butt-play,  or just someone who doesn't like the look of penis.

If you or your partner happens to fit any of the criteria above, I’d suggest something like theThe Joy Ride With Power Boost: she’s smooth and curved for G-spot or prostate stimulation.CalExotics product description promises a “spellbinding finish”, so if you aren’t interested in a less-realistic looking dildo, at least consider her for the Harry Potter reference!


Dillio 6 Inch Please-Her Dildo in Purple


Another great thing about Bella is that she can be used solo - either handheld or by taking full advantage of the suction cup base - and she’s compatible with O-ring and open-front strap on harnesses! If you’re having a great time with her, and your partner is down for some pegging action, you can show them just how great she is at hitting that sweet spot. Bella comes in body safe, hypoallergeninc silicone, but non-phallic dildos, like all other dildos, come in all sorts of materials, from skin-like TPE and silicone to glass and metal.

Long or short, think or thin, vibrating or not, there’s a dildo out there for everybody who enjoys sex toys. The greatest thing about dildos is the incredibly wide variety they come in to cater to so many personal preferences. That’s why you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one dildo - why not try two? Or three? Heck, start a collection. You can never have too many dildos!

If we’ve convinced you to add to your sex toy family, check out our selection of realistic, lifelike dildos!

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