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Tips On Spicing Up Your Sex Life


Every New Year’s Eve, you’re probably in one of two categories: party it up or stay in! Those in the party group are probably facing the reality of cancelled events, quarantine orders, or safer at home regulations. The homebody people might be feeling bored from having to stay home even more than they are accustomed to. There is a solution out there to making your celebrations livelier! Why not shake things up by trying out a new sexual act to end 2020 with a literal bang (session, that is) and ring in the new year on a high note.



What Is Bondage

Bondage is a sexual act that involves the tying up or restraining you or your partner(s). This can be done with many kinds of tools and accessories ranging from handcuffs to hogties for beginners to sex swings and positioners for the more advanced. Sometimes bondage acts attempt to heighten the sensuality, like with blindfolds or hot candle wax. Another side of bondage includes a sub/dom parallel where one partner asserts themselves (consensually) over the other. Bondage can even go as far as intentionally inflicting pain (when welcomed) on one another through the use of whips, clamps, electrostimulation, etc.


Why You Should Experiment With Bondage

Bondage is said to strengthen your bond because it involves a mutual trust in the other. Pushing each other’s boundaries brings a sense of power and control. When you allow your partner to tie you up, you are showing them that you have given them your entire trust. Opening yourself up to physical vulnerability can heighten your arousal. Cutting off one of your senses, like with a blindfold, allows you to experience the others at new levels. As you practice more bondage, your trust levels will heighten, eventually allowing yourself to fully relax in the restraints.


How To Get Started

We recommend light forms of bondage for beginners. Blindfolds are a great icebreaker to starting out slow before you move onto more rigid restraints. You (or your partner) will still have the freedom to remove the blindfold if things get too intense. You can pair a blindfold with some silk restraints or fuzzy handcuffs to experience a gentle sensation while the other experiences the sense of control. If you’ve already tried bondage, New Year’s Eve might be a great time to try out a new aspect of this kind of sex with something less tame, such as whips and floggers or a chastity device. Talk about a brand spankin’ new year!



What Is Your Fantasy? 

Tired of being you? Dreaming of a different person in place of your partner? It may be time to bring some role-play to the bedroom. This sex act works out just the way it sounds, where you and/or your partner act out being someone else or take on a different role. You can dress up in costumes or sexy lingerie that signifies your character, or you can act out certain fantasies. Role-playing is really up to each couple on how they want things to play out. Role-playing can be preplanned, or you can show up ready to play your part as a surprise to your partner.


The Benefits Of Role-Play In A Relationship 

Some people have fantasies about having sex with a certain character or celebrity. You can help them live out their dream or bring your own desires to fruition through role play. Pretending to be other people can brighten up a boring sex life. If you’re sex life is thriving, adding in some role-play can give you another facet to enjoy. Costumes and sexy lingerie can also be a treat for the eyes. Your form of role-play may even entail certain sex acts you wouldn’t otherwise perform. Role-playing could give you the freedom to try many new things without feeling judgement from your partner or societal pressures.


It’s Not Just About Dressing Up  

While some dress up during role-playing, it isn’t necessary to make your experience successful if you are committed to playing your part. You can take on any character you want, preferably the one your partner finds hot. Many scenarios take on a sub/dom aspect, like officer/inmate, teacher/schoolgirl, nurse or doctor/patient, housekeeper/millionaire, repairman/housewife, stripper/patron, etc. Consult your lover before you pick to see if they have anything in mind or suggest to them how you’d like them to play pretend with you. Whatever you choose to go with, try your best to stay in character to make it feel like the real deal for your partner.


Nude Massages

A Stress-Free Zone

When stresses have been running high, you can relieve them through massage or sex. Why not combine the two to give your partner an experience that will melt away all their troubles! Massaging the normal pesky knots is a good start to any massage, but with a nude massage you’ll move onto showing their erogenous zones some love too. Slow and steady wins the race with this kind of foreplay. Hopefully, the right kind of rubdown will lead up to the big O when you finish up with some intercourse or satisfaction with some sex toys.


It’s Been A Weird Year

2020 might not have been bad for everyone, but some of us really got put through the ringer. What better way to end out such a bad year on a better foot by working out some of that stress tension! Giving your partner a sensual massage before sex is a great way to show them you care deeply about them. You can even connect on a deeper level emotionally through your careful caresses. You’ll convey to your partner that you care about their mental wellbeing, physical comfort, and sexual satisfaction all at once. Instead of wilding out for a party this year, you can make your New Year’s Eve a time to reconnect.


Set The Mood

Nude massages aren’t just giving your partner a rubdown while you’re both stripped down! A lot more goes into making the experience sensual. Lucky for you, we have an entire article all about giving erotic massages. Create an inviting atmosphere, through candles or putting your fireplace to good use, play some relaxing music, and set the lights low. You can use sensual massage oils or candles and even sex toys, like ticklers and teasers. While you may want to skip straight to their sexy bits of your rubdown, you should work on relaxing their full body before moving on making their toes curl.


Butt Play

The Basics Of Butt Play

Anal sex can take many forms. You can insert anal beads or a butt plug into the anus as an addition to vaginal or oral sex. Or you can have your partner insert their fingers or penis into your anus. Both men and women can enjoy butt play. Men will get the benefit of prostate orgasms through anal sex, which are different (and possibly intensified) when compared to a penile orgasms. Women will feel a sense of fullness when anal stimulation is added to vaginal sex. So, if you’re look to try something totally different before the year ends, think about sex or stimulation of your (or their) rear end.


Butt Why Should You Try?

Where will your 2021 take you? Maybe through the back door! Anal sex or play could be the icing on the cake to a thriving relationship. This form of sex involves a little bit of mutual trust, as you have to take care not to take things too fast. Having an open line of communication and showing that you care can strengthen your confidence in your connection. There are also all kinds of anal sex toys and accessories to try out, perfect for the couple who loves adventure. Anal is a completely different (but completely welcomed) sensation to include in your festivities.


How To Start Your Backdoor Adventure

The key to great anal sex is moisture. You’ll want to have lubricant on hand to help your toy or one of you glide into place. Starting out slow is also a big step in reaching a comfortable climax. We recommend using anal trainers or graduated anal beads to start. You can increase sizes as your comfort levels boost up. Make sure you check in with your partner if you’re the top to be sure they aren’t experiencing any discomfort, and if you’re the bottom speak up if you aren’t enjoying yourself. If you’ve never had anal sex before, getting some action in the backdoor zone might be a great way to have an amazing orgasm like never before!


Happy New Year’s From PinkCherry!

While all the crazy events of 2020 might have gotten you down, there’s still time to turn things around before you head into the new year. Try one of the sex acts we mentioned above to bring something new to your bedroom. Get tied up with bondage, act out your fantasies with role-play, wind down with a nude massage, or begin your butt play pursuit. You might even want to continue these pleasures for years to come. Trust products from PinkCherry to take your New Year’s Eve from bust to blast! Don’t be afraid to drop those panties before the ball drops.

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