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How do we love the vibrator? Let us count the ways. We can all probably agree that the vibrator is one of, if not THE most recognizable and best-known adult toy around.

The Magic Wand, which you've probably heard of many times, was the first mass-marketed personal vibrator that gained worldwide acceptance and a passionate following. The wand vibrator is still around but over the years, all kinds of new styles and designs of vibrators have emerged (bullet vibrator anyone?). You can now find vibrators in virtually any conceivable shape, size, and style. Some even come with a remote control or are app-controlled. No matter the person, no matter the place, there's guaranteed to be a vibrator out there that will set your body ablaze with sexual pleasure.

But how can you find the right vibrator out of the hundreds of different options that are available to you? Well, we have good news! Here, we're going to give you the full story on the world of vibrators, and help guide you through all the different types and styles until you find the absolute best vibrator to suit your needs.

Different Types of Vibrators

Wand Vibrator & Massagers

This classic vibrator, started it all. Simple in design, yet powerful in how they work, wand massagers typically consist of a rounded end attached to a long handheld wand meant for clitoral stimulation.

When it comes to adult toys, a wand massagers are a great introduction to the world of vibrators, and have many attachments and accessories available for you to experience different sensations. The original Magic Wand is still being sold today, showing its timelessness!

Bullet & Egg Vibrators

Looking for a pocket-sized vibrator that really packs the pleasure? Look no further than a bullet or egg vibe! These compact little toys are a fantastic way to put the incredible vibration sensations exactly where you want them, and are discreet enough to easily keep out-of-sight in your pocket or purse. Some are even styled to look exactly like a tube of lipstick for extra secrecy!

There are many models of bullet and egg vibes that feature adjustable vibe settings to increase the intensity or change up the vibration patterns for a different type of orgasmic experience. Bullets & eggs are a great way to add some extra external stimulation to the clitoris with or without internal stimulation.

Realistic Vibrators

If you want to get as close to the real thing as possible, allow us to introduce you to realistic vibrators! These incredible sex toys are designed and sculpted to mimic the size, shape, and feel of real cocks, and combine them with the powerful vibrations of a vibrator. Experience an intense penetrative sex orgasm with only solo play! No matter what your preference is; whether it’s a particular size or a particular skin tone, there’s a realistic vibe sex toy that will be exactly what you want.

You can even take things one step further and make your own realistic vibrator! Using an at-home kit called Clone-a-willy, you can make a perfect mold of your partner’s penis to then recreate their member using silicone material and an included vibe unit for your very own custom vibrator. For those times when there is too much distance between you and your partner, or you just want a two-for-one experience, these are an absolutely brilliant addition to your sex life!

G-Spot Vibrators

For a sexual pleasure experience that really hits the spot, a g spot vibrator is definitely what you’ll want to try. These vibrators are specially shaped and curved to easily put those vibration sensations right on the g-spot for earth-shaking orgasms time and time again.

G-spot vibes are extremely popular for solo sex, and also for use during foreplay together with your partner. Let them take control of the vibe as you guide them to the right spot, and then just enjoy the ride!

Rabbit Vibrators

For a dual-action vibe that hits all the best places, inside and out, a rabbit vibrator is the way to go! This adult toy massages the clitoris while simultaneously penetrating the vagina. In fact, many women are not able to reach climax with just penatrative sex and internal stimulation. Direct external clitoral stimulation to the clitoris solves this issue, so it's easy to see why rabbit vibes are so popular.

Suction Vibrators

While Rabbit vibes are double-duty vibes that buzz the clit and the inside of the vagina, clitoral stimulation and suction vibrators are super-focused on the clitoris to bring incredibly intense orgasms over and over again. A clitoral vibrator can come in several different styles and offer a variety of sensations using gentle suction to mimic the feeling of oral sex on the clitoris.

The most famous names in clitoral stimulators are the Womanizer and the Satisfyer, and both brands have received incredible reviews from thousands and thousands of VERY happy women.

Anal Vibrators

For fun around the backside, an anal vibe is what you’ll want. Anal vibes are similar in function to most other types of vibrators, but often with a different shape. In order to provide the best pleasure from the back door, most anal vibes take the form of a butt plug or string of anal beads with built-in vibrating action. There are many other styles as well, including some vibes that are designed to provide double-penetration action, with separate shafts for the vagina and butt.

Some anal vibes are designed to stimulate the prostate, making them extremely popular with men & their partners. There are also cock rings that have an anal vibe attached, too. It’s like a sexy two-for-one deal that everyone will enjoy!

Couples Vibrators

Speaking of two-for-one, couples vibrators are where it’s at for simultaneous stimulation! Couples vibes like the We-Vibe are brilliant devices that give both partners an incredible, intense sexual experience during sex. There are even ‘smart’ models that can be connected to a smartphone for remote-controlled play, pre-programmed vibe sequences, and come-to-the-music playlist sync action that will blow your minds!

Silicone, Plastic, or Metal?

When considering your vibrator sex toy, think about the type of feeling the material will have. Silicone will feel soft and silky, while metal and glass dildos will have a smooth and hard surface. All are great options, but you may end up preferring the sensation of one over the other.

The material of the vibrator or dildo will also determine the types of lubes that you can use, as some types of lubricants may not be suitable for all types of vibrator materials. Pretty much all vibes will be safe for water-based lubes, while certain types of silicone-based lubes could pose a potential for problems with vibes that are made from silicone materials. When uncertain what is best for your specific vibrator, check the product descriptions

Feel the Good Vibrations with the Best Vibrators in Canada

Now that you're equipped to shop for a vibrator like a pro, what are you waiting for? Put your sexual health first, and prioritize pleasure. Go and find the perfect vibrator sex toy to spice up your sex life! There are a lot of choices to make: do you pick a classic vibrator, an intense clitoral stimulator, or some butt plug? If you need additional help, we're always here for you! Don't miss all the helpful articles and resources available in our blog

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use vibrators?

Many different types of vibrator sex toys are designed to be used in many different ways, and each user may find they enjoy using a particular toy differently. In general, vibrators can be used in whatever way feels good for the individual user. Exploring different positions, vibration patterns, and ways to use the vibrator can help find what works best. Caveat: Vibrators should not be inserted anally unless they have a flared base.

How do you clean and store vibrators?

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the best cleaning method for each vibrator. Water and mild soap can be used for waterproof vibrators. Cleaning with a moistened washcloth may be safer for toys that aren't waterproof. Allow the vibrator to dry completely before putting it away in a box or case to protect it from dirt and dust.

What are the different types of vibrator sex toys?

There are so many different types of vibrators, including clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bullet vibes, wand massagers, g-spot vibrators, anal vibrators, suction vibrators, wearable vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and more.

Are vibrators suitable for use by both women and men?

Yes! Vibrators are suitable for use by any person of any gender. Toys are often categorized as “women’s” and “men’s” to organize products. But generally, toy use is about deciding what part of the body is to be stimulated and how, then choosing a product accordingly.