6 Inch Ballsy Cock in Pink

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6 Inch Ballsy Cock in Pink

4.74 Based On 76 Reviews

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Awesome (Anonymous)

We love it

She loves it! (Scotch n Ginger)

This is a winner 100% She loves it. So many ways to have fun with this gem of a toy. Firmness and flexibility is just right. Now to find a good harness for it (this is proving challenging) so she can use it with our GF.

All I can say is WOW!!! (Anonymous)

I bought this for my wife and I thought I would give it a try and I just had the most amazing orgasm ever. It took a lot of lube and a bit of work to get it in, but I tell you it was worth it. It feels really good. Oh and the wife likes it too, she loves this dildo. She cums really hard with this guy. It's pretty awesome to watch. Forget about the rest of the toys in the toy box, this is her go to toy. It's the right stiffness to bend and move with you and don't worry about the smell it goes away.

Product description

A classic of epic proportions, Doc Johnson's 6 Inch Ballsy Cock graces the Crystal Jellies line (and your toy collection) with its supremely plush, thrillingly detailed shape and blissful hands-free play potential. Shaped into a thick, squeezable shaft complete with smoothly swollen tip and pliable balls, the Ballsy delves deep, targeting internal sweet spots with amazing accuracy.

A fantastic piece for anal endeavors, the namesake balls act as a safe barrier agasint too-deep penetration, allowing for enthusiastic, worry free enjoyment. Just underneath, a sturdy suction cup holds tight agasint most smooth flat surfaces- secure the 6 Inch agasint walls, windows, shower door and more and ride away. Ideal for harness and strap-on play as well, the base can be slipped easily through most open-front and O-ring type systems.

In a body safe, reliably phthalate free PVC material, the 6 Inch proves wonderfully low-maintenance, cleaning easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Length: 8"
  • Insertable Length: 6.8"
  • Girth: 5.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.6" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Suction Base, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0288-05-BX | UPC: 782421785611 | MPN: 0288-05-BX (64)

SKU: DJ-0288-05-BX | UPC: 782421785611 | MPN: 0288-05-BX (64)

Ratings / Reviews

Just what I wanted (kitten)

This dildo has a great girth to it, my significant other and I are in a long distance relationship, and this has been a good temporary replacement. It doesn't smell too strong either which I find a lot of jelly dildos have.

Unsure (Anonymous)

Bought this to use with my wife and she didn't want anything bigger than I am so I got the measurements and this was same size in the description. It just came in the mail today and wow it's larger than I am that's for sure so I guess they use a different kind of tape measure than I do but gunna give it a try

OMFG!!! (RJ)

My husband and I purchased this as the first toy to my collection to kind of spice things up. When we opened the box I was intimidated by the size and considered sending it back. But after a little thought we decided that we should just give it a try. (of course we had to try it out immediately)
After a little bit f foreplay to get me worked up and a little lube he began to slide this big guy into my pussy! Little by little he was able to get the whole thing in my pussy and made me cum pretty damn quick. Intimidating at first, fulfilling and very satisfying after giving it a try. 5 stars for sure.

Best jelly dildo ever ! (Terri)

I have tried many many toys , this dildo is the perfect size , it is very jelly flexy . I absolutely love it !

God SEnd (sherfreak)

got this for a my GF as a gift for when am not around to keep her comfort ..she freaking loved it ..makes her squirt A++

// (Anonymous)

This works perfectly in a harness or by itself. It's pretty girthy for a first time toy, but it works well if you prepare beforehand! The texture is really realistic and very firm for a jelly toy. Make sure to use lots of lube!

Fills me up (Anonymous)

I'm a guy, and this dildo fills me up great! I love the size of it and the feel when I stick it in my ass. I fuck myself silly with this toy. After a couple minutes thrusting this bad boy, I came without even having I jerk myself.

More than expected! (Mommy Mousey)

The toy was a lot bigger than I expected and smelled super strong, like fake strawberries on plastic dolls. After a couple of washes it still stunk, so don’t expect the smell to wash out. I was hoping the toy was going to be a lot squishier, but turned out to be one of the firmest toys in my collection.
Made it kinda hard to ride roughly considering I would wake up sore the next morning. :/
While the toy has downfalls it was still really fun to use. It’s a very thick toy and incredibly filling. The suction cup is super strong and won’t give for anything, don’t worry about pulling it off. It was a pleasant surprise and I would recommend it despite the rocky first impressions.

Wow (Anonymous)

I bought several dildos working up to larger sizes, this dildo satisfied right from the start. The feel of the jelly material is amazing. The soft, firm build is great

Perfect (Anonymous)

When I first opened up the box.. I thought oh wow, this is huge!!! Lol but totally worth it!!! Very flexible and does wonders!!! Perfect!!

Mint (Anonymous)

Very realistic. Wife and I are enjoying it so far.

Perfect (Anonymous)

Loved it

Loved it! (Anonymous)

Girlfriend absolutely loved it! We thought it would be too big and wide but it was perfect!!! She can’t get enough! Orgasmed over and over and over!

My wife loves it (Anonymous)

My wife was a little hesitant about it at first, but very happy once she started using it. The suction cup works great sticks to everything. I definately recommend it.

Great fun toy (Anonymous)

It has a little more girth than expected, but it works great.

Always makes me happy (Susan)

This was my first dildo and it took me awhile to get used to. It was so thick and long that I gave up on it few times but eventually got used to it. And when I did OMG! I love this thing, it has never failed me.

Get it! (Jin)

This is one of my favorite toys, the suction cup makes it fantastic for the shower!! its a perfect size for me, and quite firm but still very flexible and the texture is nice. I have quite a lot of fun with it and would definitely buy it again if I ever needed to.

MY DILDO!!! (Josyane)

THIS IS TOTALLY MY DILDO!!! i was afraid when i saw the size of it. But its a perfect size!! really great. Love it. :)

Wow (Anonymous)

Looked scary at first, but oh my gosh it's amazing. One of my new favourites. Getting excited just writing this review. Ha!

Good (K)

Pretty big and think; was very surprised by the size. Smells good and would recommend.

Favorite Toy (Kat)

Out of all my toys, this one takes the cake. I was surprised with how realistic it felt. If you're looking for a flexible, realistic and fun toy, this one's for you!

A riding good time. (Anonymous)

My wife loves this toy. I bought it for her with a bunch of others. i also got her the 8" clear model as she was unsure about girth of the 8", so she wanted a back up toy. However the size of both for length and girth isn't to different when placed side by side between the 6" and 8". The suction cup base will stick to pretty much any smooth or semi smooth surface. The material is soft and flexible which allows it to be used almost any way you want. She really liked the balls at the base when she rides it reverse cowgirl

First toy ever (John)

I bought this toy years ago and I fell in love. It was fantastic and much more than I expected. The toy is a great size and the suction cup works amazingly. I still have it, the balls are starting to rip off but that's due to rough use on my end. I'm sure to continue to use it until and probably past those balls fall off.

Awesome!! (Anonymous)

This dildo was purchased to replace an older one that I have and boy oh boy it's sooo much better then the old one! The girth is exceptional, you will not be disappointed!

Big pleasure (Eric)

Got it for my wife , big turn on for her and for me , not recommended for beginners . Please buy something smaller to start

Satisfied (Charmander)

I said I wasn't going to write a review until I fully experienced this item. And let me tell you it is WORTH the little money. I have never owned a dildo before nor had something that large in me, took A LOT of preparation, but when I finally got in I came so hard I was glad I was able to hold my voice in. The fruity smell has since gone and the suction cup works better than I expected. In summary, get it because it is worth it just prepare yourself.

My New Favorite! (Kimberly)

I read this dildo was good... But I had no idea! Incredible girth, and the length is just right. I was unsure about it being stiff enough after reading some other reviews, but once it's in you feel like you have a real cock inside of you! I love being able to slide all the way down to the balls as well. Close your eyes ladies, and you may as we'll have a real man there. Seriously... It's that good! I had to remove one star because as mentioned by others, the plastic smell IS really overwhelming. I use these kinds of toys with a condom anyway, so not a huge deal. Small price to pay for this amazing toy!

Holy!!! (Anonymous)

Wow, the wife picked this one out and she loves it. It is big and thick and she cums pretty hard. I thought I would give it a try and with a lot of lube I got it in and OMG, I know why she loves it. I had one of the biggest orgasms ever. I love this thing. Watching her use it is the biggest true on. Highly recommend it.

works very well! (Anonymous)

works very well...bit of a smell but goes away.

wow..... (Anonymous)

tres belle grosseure.... pas pour les amateur....pas d'arriere gouts et bonne texture.... amuser vous ;)