Master Series Lucent Steel Anal Plug

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Afternoon fun

This smaller but weighty jewelled number was delightful


Heavier than i thought

this was the missus's first foray into Butt Stuff, and i must say, she seemed to reall enjoy it. this is MUCH heavier than i thought it would be, which was definitely not a bad thing!



The wife loves this product, it looks great! Very comfortable and creates a sensation which is stimulating.

Product description

A timeless classic that will absolutely last through an entire lifetime of pleasurable play, the Lucent from XR's Master series is a fantastically weighty, high end plug designed for intense, sensual, incomparably stimulating anal endeavors.

Shaped into a sleek tapered tip with a gradual yet dramatic increase, the Lucent inserts smoothly and easily, widening the anal opening to an exciting degree as the rounded, extra slick body reaches it's maximum thickness. A large gem-encrusted base at the bottom of a thin, comfortable neck suited to longer term wear protects against too-deep penetration, facilitates easy, worry-free retrieval, and allows for easy and pleasurable manipulation- it also just plain looks great

Smooth, seamless contouring makes the immeasurably pleasurable shape exciting and stimulating, and thanks to the temperature sensitivity of steel, the Lucent can be warmed or cooled before play. Stainless steel is amazingly hygienic, able to be easily sterilized via boiling or bleaching, it's also immensely hardy and can stand up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. Any type of lubricant can technically be used, and you'll find that much less than usual is needed, as the chrome plated steel won't absorb anything at all. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

  • Length: 2.75"
  • Insertable Length: 2.5"
  • Girth: 3.9" at largest point
  • Width: 1.1" at largest point
  • Color: Silver

SKU: XR-014118 | UPC: 811847014118 | MPN: JS700-Diamond (21)

SKU: XR-014118 | UPC: 811847014118 | MPN: JS700-Diamond (21)

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Love the weight and quality.


Not for long term wear

Pro: Love the size, texture, easy to use, feels great. Con: long term wear gets uncomfotable, sides start digging into the skin when legs are close together. Maybe if i use it more i will be able to get used to it.


Perfect Fit

Great size. The weight of it is amazing. such a different sensation that a silicone plug. Very pretty. Makes me feel like I'm wearing a diamond ring that I want to show off to my boyfriend. He loves it. He won't stop asking me to wear it again!


Very pretty

Very pretty and very comfortable! Love love love it.



Drove my man absolutely insane


love it

Love the feel of in my butt i find it very comfortable and i can leave it in all day.
The jeweled end looks great when i am all dressed up with it in


More please

Seen in a porn video and knew I had to get it! Was everything and more than I was hoping for, it feels so smooth and I love the cold or warm option for inserting. My boyfriend loves this, and I enjoy surprising him by having it in before hand so he knows I'm ready to go. Also love how pretty it is, I know he enjoys looking at it while he gives it to me from behind ;) xoxo


She loves it!

Surprised my girlfriend with this purchase. She is getting addicted to it!



The weight sure is interesting. I warm it up a bit before plugging the GF with it. It goes in smoothly. The slick surface means it doesn't take a lot of lubricant and it is easy to clean. At the same time, it is small and it has some girth to it. It really makes a difference while I penetrate her in the front. I like the aesthetics, but as it was pointed out, this is probably not meant to be worn for a long period of time. The edges can dig in after a while if the wearer's legs are straight. With the legs spread out or sitting, it's all right.


Very pretty

I love it, the size and weight are good for an intermediate level user. I think it's gorgeous and a lot of fun. The base is also a really good size. My only complaint is I wish it had other colour options for the gemstone!


Nice, but a little too much.

This plug is great quality but it's very heavy in weight, it's a quite uncomfortable for me to wear. At least it looks pretty for however long I am able to wear it(which isn't long). Don't buy this if you are just wanting to look cute.

I imagine this plug would be ideal for BDSM play.



very manegble size, i was so excited when i got this in the mail i dond't even wait till i got home to try it out! i put it in behind the mailbox and drove home. my butt wasnt used to the cold, but it soon warmed up, it is nice and wheighty and if i can convince my gf to look at it in i feel like a million bucks, my only complaints are it could have a longer thin part, i feel the flange digs into my outer sphincter and also the flange is a bit unforgiving making long time wear discomfortable, as far as future purchases go im going with a large njoy pure plug, but as far as esthetics go this is the real winner