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Let’s talk about Canada’s sex life 

I know what my sex life looks like, you know about yours, but what about the country as a whole?

While Canada isn’t the most sexually active country in the world (that’s Greece), nor are we the most attractive country (that’s Brazil), but heck! We are the most polite. And, we have the Double Double! The Maple Leaf! The Dirty Mountie! (Yes, these are all sex positions. Google them, you’re welcome.)

Given that we didn’t make the ranks for some of these sexy titles, I really wanted to know... how do Canadians like to get it on? Do we all say “please” and “thank you” before and after in stereotypical Canadian fashion? Good god, is there maple syrup involved? 

So, I put a survey out there to see what kind of dirty little secrets the great white north was hiding, that includes preferred positions, favourite sex toys and more. 


Favourite Positions

The answers didn’t really surprise me - we Canadians aren't quite as polite and tame as we're sometimes made out to be! Out of 190 survey participants that were asked what their favorite sexual position is, 62% prefer getting down on all fours and doin’ it doggy style (60% of these were female, 35% were male and 5% were trans, non-binary or other). 

  • Other popular sex positions were (surprise, surprise) missionary, coming in at 43%, and variations of “girl-on-top” sexual positions like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl at 37%. 


There were also quite a few that I had never heard of before: 

  • waterfall (the man is hanging his upper body off the bed while the woman is on top),
  • piledriver (the woman is holding herself up on her upper back, legs flipped over her head, while the man - literally - piledrives her), 
  • butterfly (the man is standing up, while the woman is on her back on a bed or other surface with her legs up on his shoulders), 
  • anvil (a modified version of missionary where the woman’s legs are being held down by the man’s upper body - I didn’t think these variations had their own names but here we are), 
  • jockey (similar to prone-bone or the lazy dog, the woman is on her stomach while the man is almost kneeling on her thighs), 
  • concubine (similar to doggy, but the woman’s legs are wrapped around the man’s hips and he holds her up - that sounds like a killer ab workout)…


Where have these been all my life?! Is Canada kinkier than I thought, or am I just suuuuper vanilla?


You’re Never Too Old to Play With Toys

Not those kinds of toys. These are toys for big girls & boys, i.e. sex toys

The sex toy industry is on the rise. With the help of more open conversations and proper sexual education, sex toys are becoming less of a taboo, embarrassing subject and are being normalized and accepted! A 2017 survey of 1400+ Canadians revealed that 52.3% of people said they used sex toys. 

Approximately 82% of people who answered my survey said they use sex toys (19% solo, 14% on a partner, and 67% use toys solo AND partnered). 

Do You Use Sex Toys Graph

Sex Toys Canadians Already Love 

Canada's Favourite Sex Toys Graph


Unsurprisingly, 71% of survey participants said they love vibrators.

As noted in an earlier blog post about which Canadian city buys the most sex toys per person, the bestselling sex toy in all of Canada for 2018 was the CalExotics Silicone Remote Rechargeable Egg Vibe This vibrator is great for partnered play as the smooth contours fit easily between bodies, and the remote adds an element of surprise for those who enjoy bringing their play time outside of the bedroom. For solo play, the vibe has a retrieval cord for penetration, or stick with the 10 vibration rhythms for a guaranteed good time. 

For those of you who like to vibe with your bed buddy, consider the good ol’ Original Magic Wand. Not only does it made for some great clitoral stimulation, but you’ll never have to worry about it running out of battery power mid-O thanks to the power cord! 

The magic wand was originally created as a muscle massager, so why not also incorporate that into your sex life? Giving your partner a nice massage can be very sensual and relaxing, and adds a romantic element to foreplay. You can also use it post-coitus if you pull a muscle doing The Pretzel.

Use it solo, use it on your partner, let your partner use it on you… the possibilities are endless. “Oh, Canada” won’t be the only “Oh” you’re singing, if you know what I mean.


Top Selling Sex Toy Products In Canada


40% of my survey folks reportedly use dildos, and at least half of those people use them with a partner! There seems to be a common misconception that dildos are only used by women for solo play, but that’s absolutely false. Men can use dildos during foreplay with their ladies, ladies can use dildos to peg their men, ladies can use dildos with other ladies, men can use dildos with other men… you get the point. Dildos aren’t just for masturbation anymore!

What’s also great about dildos is that they come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Don’t like your dildos to look phallic? There’s a dildo for that. Do you looooove super realistic dildos? Yup, there’s a dildo for that, too.

My point is, Canadians already love dildos. Folks who don’t like them? Maybe they’re worth a chance! Check out the dildos and see what all the fuss is about.


Butt Plugs / Anal Beads

Only 23% of people told me they use butt plugs or anal beads, but that’s a whole lot more than I anticipated! Yay for butt stuff! 

Butt plugs, much like dildos, come in a plethora of shapes and sizes to fit your tush (literally). And, since everybody has a booty, they can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of gender. 

Check out some of the most popular anal sex toys we covered in a previous article.  


Toys Canadians Should Try to Love

Ben Wa Balls

Out of 190 participants, only THREE said they use ben wa or kegel balls - and, full disclosure, one of them was me. Ben wa balls are super versatile because they can be used to strengthen your kegel muscles or to enhance some sexual experiences. I personally love them because I can use them while going about my day, barely noticing they’re in while I’m giving my vagina a workout. Amazing. Every lazy woman’s dream. 

CalExotics has an adorable set of two silver Metallic Weighted Steel Orgasm Balls that are perfect for beginners. 


Prostate Toys

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma attached to butt stuff when you’re a dude. Plenty of straight men find themselves afraid to try being on the receiving end of any anal activity for fear that it’s “gay”. But, newsflash: there ain’t nothin’ wrong with being gay, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with liking a lil’ butt stuff. It’s perfectly normal, healthy, and who knows - you might discover something you like ;)

23% of straight men who answered the survey said they enjoy a little booty action now and then in the form of butt plugs, prostate massagers, and being pegged

For those of you interested in giving prostate stimulation a try, I’d suggest trying out a simple butt plug first to get used to the feeling. You can also try exploring with your fingers and a bottle of your lube of choice (which is actually super healthy to do - it’s like giving yourself a prostate exam, but sexy).  

When you feel ready to go all the way, take a look at PinkCherry’s variety of prostate massagers. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes to suit your back door desires.


Happy Canada Day, Canada! 

So now that you know that us Canadians are into all sorts of adventurous sexual activities, both from how we like our sexual positions, to what types of sex toys we prefer - grab some toys over the next day or two and see what kind of fun you can get up to this Canada Day.  


What’s your favourite PinkCherry sex toy? Let us know on social media!




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