H2O Flavored Lube 1oz/30ml in Green Apple

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Taste is really good

This does the job alright...lol!


smells great

I was not sure what to think at first when buying this product. Once I got it and we used it love it. The taste is different but the smell is great. Overall the lube is really good


Love it!

I love this lube. The bottle is super easy for travel and it is just a good lube. Love the flavour!

Product description

A sweet, ultra juicy lubricant from System Jo, this crystal clear water based treat enhances sex with tons of long lasting slipperiness and a deliciously silky feel, not to mention a mouthwatering hit of tangy apple flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste. 

H20 can be used safely with condoms and all toy materials, it's sugar free for guiltless indulgence, and the long lasting, water soluble formula won't stain sheets, clothing or skin. Apply generously to the area you're looking to lubricate and enjoy. Made in the USA.

  • Size: 1 oz
  • Flavor: Fruit
  • Special Features: Unscented, Vegan Friendly

SKU: SJ-103852 | UPC: 796494103852 | MPN: 10385 (57)

SKU: SJ-103852 | UPC: 796494103852 | MPN: 10385 (57)

System Jo
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Green Apples for Oral

While the intended use is for oral this could also be used on toys that require a water based lube or intercourse, however if being used for these purposes please take caution as this lube does contain glycerin.
Flavor & Taste: This green apple has a wonderful green apple smell. However, when it comes to the taste it leaves you wanting those nice granny smith apples that you used to pick in granny's back yard. While you're expecting a green apple you get a cough syrup with a just hint of that apple. Maybe if you have a good imagination you can imagine the taste to be a full apple since it does smell so good.
Texture & Thickness: Since this lube is a water based lube it is thin, however I have seen water based lube that is thinner. It does spread over an area very nicely and smoothly and it does still run, so it could pose a mess if a lot of moving is done.
Overall: This would be a great water based lube if it was more suited for intercourse & didn't contain glycerin. It is a very nice, smooth and light lube but the taste just does not do it for me. It cleans up very well and easily as well & we now ultimately use this lube for the husbands toys when we are just having a toy sesh.
Stars: This lube would have gotten 5 stars but I knocked off one star for this lube containing glycerin and one star for the taste of it.


Super tasty and effective

I bought this just to try it out. But it actually tastes amazing and it s very effective as a lubricant. I will definitely buy more


No Problems here

It is travel size, and tastes like apples.


How do you like dem' apples!

I like em just fine! Tastes pretty good.


Great Lube but not my absolute favourite flavour

Taste: Taste is subjective, but whether you like the taste or not, this lube doesn't leave much of an after taste and it smells amazing (like a green apple jolly rancher). Unfortunately for me it's a little too sweet and doesn't have any of the green apple crispness or tang I was hoping for. Still, it'll get the job done and it's a good flavour to add to the mix.

Lube Quality: Overall I love the quality of this lube - it's the perfect consistency (not super watery like other lubes) and I rarely find myself needing to reapply while giving a hands-on bj. It doesn't stain and cleans up easily.



loved the taste but is a little strong, could be sweeter but would buy it again



Definitely good for oral and really tastes like green apples


Travel size!

Green apple flavour is nice and sweet, not tart! Perfect travel tube. The only thing is that the bottle is very slender, making it difficult to get out sometimes.


green apple lube

very good,


Not what I expected

It did smell great. I love the smell of apples! But it didn't taste like apples. It actually as tasteless. I'm not complaining.
Would I buy again? Yes.


Smells better than it tastes

It does its job. Absoloutley love the smell of it. The taste I can take or leave but my partner loves it. It can be a bit sticky but that adds to the fun!


Good buy

This lube is good. Not great, not terrible. A little goes a long way, but the taste is off putting and not really "green apple".


Great lube

As expected from Jo, this lube did not disappoint.

I purchased it for a friend and received nothing but glowing praise for this small $3.00 bottle of lubricant.

At no point did it become sticky or tacky like some water-based lubes have a tendency to become. It was apparently better than some anal lubes on the market.

Definitely worth buying if you're looking to get something fun and different.


tastes good not too sticky

We both love this product. Great lubricant smell and tastes good too! Now I want to try all the flavors


Sticky sweet

this lube tastes great but it is pretty sticky after a while.



Tastes super yummy. Kind of like candy. Boyfriend and I love it!;)



This is the only type of lube that my husband & I use for intercourse & have had no issue with it whatsoever. I feel it is fine for whatever activity you would want to do. I always receive samples from this site & have stuck with this one through all the different brands & types I have tried.
I think they all taste great, I mean afterall they are lubricant, not food items.